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Proudly hosting 46674 demos by 629 players on 3242 WADs for a total running time of 3939:10:54.

id Software
Level Category Player Engine Time
D1EP4 UV Max Tatsurd-cacocaco DooM v1.9 23:36 CN
Radek Pecka DooM v1.9 25:18 CN
Ryback DooM v1.9 30:08 CN
Ian Sutton DooM v1.9 34:49 CN
Joe Breen DooM v1.9 38:48 CN
Joe Breen DooM v1.9 44:51 CN
Ryback DooM v1.9 52:11 CN
Joe Breen DooM v1.9 1:01:07 CN
Mike Toliver DooM v1.9 1:09:16 CN
UV Speed Akse PRBoom v2.5.0.6cl3 2:15 TAS
Andrey Budko PRBoom v2.2.4 2:32 TAS
Yonatan Donner MBF 3:27 TAS
Zero-Master CNDoom v2.0.3.2 4:13
Zero-Master CNDoom v2.0.3.2 4:50
Tamas Flamich DooM v1.9 5:37 CN
Zero-Master CNDoom v2.0.3.2 5:38
stx-Vile DooM v1.9 5:41 CN
DooM v1.9 6:55 CN
Adam Williamson DooM v1.9 7:13 CN
Anders Johnsen DooM v1.9 8:11 CN
Vincent Catalaa
Selim Benabdelkhalek
DooM v1.9 8:34 CN
Andreas Kren DooM v1.9 9:48 CN
Steffen Winterfeldt DooM v1.9 10:35
Steffen Udluft DooM v1.9 13:45 CN
NM Speed Zero-Master CNDoom v2.0.3.2 6:54
stx-Vile DooM v1.9 7:18 CN
Selim Benabdelkhalek
Vincent Catalaa
DooM v1.9 10:03 CN
Laurent Sebellin DooM v1.9 10:59
Adam Hegyi DooM v1.9 14:02 CN
NM 100 Vincent Catalaa DooM v1.9 10:29 CN
stx-Vile DooM v1.9 11:56 CN
Adam Hegyi DooM v1.9 14:32 CN
Opulent DooM v1.9 16:20
UV -Fast Light_Speed PRBoom v2.5.1.3cl3 12:49 TAS
Light_Speed PRBoom v2.5.1.1cl3 22:14 TAS
Ryback DooM v1.9 40:26 CN
Other Alfonzo PRBoom v2.5.1.3cl-1 1:48
Good at DooM: gib yourself to end the level.
Vincent Catalaa DooM v1.9 13:15
NM100 attempt. Misses the secret on E4M8.
Steffen Udluft DooM v1.9 15:19
UV Speed with -respawn.

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