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Proudly hosting 54597 demos by 683 players on 3371 WADs for a total running time of 4404:28:56.

Player Profile: Killianbeast

Alias: Killianbeast
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Born: Sep. 11, 2000
Hobbies/Sports: Football, Video Games, having fun.
eMail: colbyjack2000 - at - gmail - dot - com
Computer specs: Intel i5-7600, Windows 10, 16 GB RAM, GTX 1060 6GB.

DooM config: KBM
Size of DooM directory on your hard drive: Around 1.5GB.
Favorite DooM Maps: E1M1, E4M1.
Favorite DooM demos: Demos by Cyberdemon531, she got me into running DOOM.
Favorite Executables to use: GZDoom, PRBoom+.

Do you play DooM more than any other game? No, I tend to play more modern FPS games more.
Ever played multiplayer DooM? No, but I really want to.
About when did you start playing DooM? Around 2015.
Do you make maps? I'm not that talented.
DOOM3? Never got around to playing it.
Favorite monster? Arch-Vile.
Most hated monster? Arch-Vile and Chaingunners.
Music you like: Thrash Metal, Hip-Hop, and Country.