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Proudly hosting 54597 demos by 683 players on 3371 WADs for a total running time of 4404:28:56.

Player Profile: Mark Ridlen

Name: Mark Ridlen
Location: Texas
Born: 1982, you do the math. ;)
Job: Linux Systems Engineer
Hobbies: Keyboard player / Composer
Homepage: YouTube, Twitter, Phoenix Rising
Computer specs: AMD 1090T

DooM config (key bindings, controllers):
WASD movement
always run = on (ctrl = run off / walk but I never touch it)
shift = strafe on (sr50 only)
q = turn right (sr50 only)
e = turn left (sr50 only)
left click = fire
right click = open
space = open
backspace = end demo

Size of DooM directory on your hard drive: I've been saving Oblige maps, so probably at least 400-600MB by now, those things are massive.
Favorite DooM Maps: E1M3, Map08.
Favorite DooM demos: Speed ballerina (makes me dizzy though).
Favorite Executables to use: GZ3Doom for casual play (with red/cyan anaglyph 3d glasses), cndoom for competition.
Some of your DooM achievements: UV Speed -turbo 50 single segment runs.
Other games: Rockband 3 Pro Keys (top 200 overall score for non-DLC songs).

Do you play DooM more than any other game? Yes. Also Rockband 3 Pro Keys. I enjoy the occasional sim games like Sim Tower or Rollercoaster Tycoon series.
Ever played multiplayer DooM? If so, what? Episode 1 deathmatches via IPX LAN. It was a long time ago.
About when did you start playing DooM? When it came out in 1993 (was a big Wolf3D player back then).
Do you make maps? I made an E1M1 that was really cool, but I lost it in a hard drive crash. There were several Barons, Cacodemons, etc. I had a really cool video of me beating it with only a Gravis Gamepad.
DOOM3? Fantastic story. Gameplay felt like I took a lot of damage without a lot of way to prevent it, but it was an immersive experience.
Favorite monster? Baron of Hell
Most hated monster? Cyberdemon Music you like: There's this really cool Dallas band PHOENIX RISING that I'm a part of (Rap / Rock / Metal / Electronic). We have a sequenced light show. Also I would like to plug my other projects Encoder Logic (techno) and X1stance (synthpop).
Movies you like: Equilibrium, The Matrix, Groundhog Day, Primer.
Girl who lights your fire: My hot wife.
Current type of internet connection: 100Mbit

more info: I am a man of many talents. Check out my twitter page @antisocialraps, it's a good way of finding out about all of my interests.