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Proudly hosting 54597 demos by 683 players on 3371 WADs for a total running time of 4404:28:56.

Player Profile: capodecima

Alias: capodecima
Location: Czech Republic
Born: 5th of November, 1985
Job: I am working in local berwery, orders, eshop, sometime warehouseman, wanna beer? :)
Hobbies/Sports: It change often, i like rowing and ofc a lot of video games.
eMail: capko - at - seznam - dot - cz
Computer specs: brand new pc (semi-high)

DooM config (key bindings, controllers): just keyboard and mouse, WASD, strafe on shift, USE on mouse2, fire mouse1, i have tho some habit i need to still adjust my config and feel like its never perfect.
Size of DooM directory on your hard drive: about 500 Mb, i watch/make a lot demos which i delete time to time...
Favorite DooM Maps: Entryway
Favorite DooM demos: many
Favorite Executables to use: Prboom plus and Odamex
Some of your DooM achievements: None
Other games: CSGO, Reflex, Quake, sometime some AAA titles...

Do you play DooM more than any other game? I used to play doom a lot and still sometime do.
Ever played multiplayer DooM? If so, what? I played and still play odamex.
About when did you start playing DooM? First spawn in 1997, regularly i started play around 2002.
Do you make maps? I made some and i know basic mapping
Favorite monster? Revenant
Most hated monster? Baron of hell
Music: many
Movies: many
Girl who lights your fire: Ivana <3
Current type of internet: cable

more info: I would stop make dumb thinks over and over...