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Proudly hosting 54597 demos by 683 players on 3371 WADs for a total running time of 4404:28:56.

Player Profile: Tezuro

Alias: Tezuro
Location: Russia/Perm City
Born: 12 February 1993
Studies/Job: IT-Specialist, Student
Hobbies/Sports: skateboard, books, tv-series
Homepage/eMail: Homepage / tezur0nb - at - gmail - dot - com
Computer specs: PS3

DooM config (key bindings, controllers): wasdzc
Size of DooM directory on your hard drive: ~150 mb
Favourite DooM Maps: Reverie map 30, D2INO 30, MOUNT PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN
Favorite DooM demos: ones shockblast takes from me T_T
Favorite Executable to use: CNDoom
Some of your DooM achievements: nuff special, mostly doing Random wads
Other games: GTA2, Serious Sam, You Are Empty

Do you play DooM more than any other game? I guess so.
Ever played multiplayer DooM? Actually no.
About when did you start playing DooM? 1997 (when I was allowed to play on PC :v)) was watching my dad playing before that
Do you make maps? I suck at that. I can make room with monsters though :v)
DOOM3? Good game as a standalone thing.
Favorite monster? Revenant
Most hated monster? Revenant
Music you like: All kinds of stuff, if I like how it sounds I don't really care about its genre or text.
Movies you like: LotR, Star Wars, and so on.
Girl/guy who lights your fire: Doom guy
Current type of internet connection: fast

more info: I mostly play live on my twitch channel, I'm bad at filling trivias, but I really like to talk, so you are welcome :)