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Proudly hosting 54597 demos by 683 players on 3371 WADs for a total running time of 4404:28:56.

Player Profile: Adam Williamson

Name/Alias: Adam Williamson
You live in: Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Born: Feb 22, 1982
Employer: Shaw cable
Hobbies/Sports: eh, nothing worth noting.
Homepage/email: adam.williamson1 - at - btinternet - dot - com
Computer specs: Athlon XP-M 2500+ @ 2.28GHz, 512MB RAM, 160GB hd, nforce2 mobo, geforce4mx graphics. Displays on an RCA 27" TV. Also my trusty old sony vaio C1** (same as US model C1XS) laptop.

DOOM config (key bindings, controllers): W A S D ctrl space. circa 1995. :) mice i've used over the years - random OEM POS, serial and ps/2 versions of the classic Microsoft Intellimouse, version 1 Intellimouse Explorer, and Logitech MX700 wireless optical. Currently I'm using a cheapass Logitech optical wired mouse, haven't recorded anything with it yet.
Size of DOOM directory on your hard drive: eesh. About 2 gigs, I think.
Favorite DOOM Maps: All of episode 1, e2m3, e2m6, e2m7, e3m2, e3m9, e4m2, map02, map11, map14, map22, probably some others I forgot about. pwads, too many to name.
Favorite demos: Anything at all by sedlo or ocelot. Most things by adamh, particularly map07. most things by Vile, particularly pacifist runs. Long, hard runs by Chris Ratcliff - his keyboard style is unique.
Favorite Executables to use: Original .exes for playing, baby. prboom for watching in hi-res.
Some of your DOOM achievements: Maps - one complete 32-map deathmatch megawad, 10 levels of another, mm2 map06, requiem map29, hacx map...er...was it 08? rejected mordeth ep2 map WHICH I STILL THINK WAS GOOD (;>). demos - ep1-0511, e1m5-055, n1m5-104, e1m6-057, p3m1, p3m9, lv02-040, pa04, pp31. Those are the ones that come to mind.
Usenet scandals: Xoleras partisan in the notorious xoleras / merlock wars of oh, so long ago...
Other games: What does this mean? Have I done anything noteworthy for other games? Not really. I was very good at quake rally. Does that count?

Do you play DOOM more than any other game? Over time? Hell yes. Right now? No. Right now I'm playing square RPGs - I'm in the middle of Chrono Cross.
Ever played multiplayer DOOM? Yup. I played on the UK BBSes while they were still active, played csdoom for a while, and had some excellent battles over the internet with slagdoom. which I won. HAHA!
About when did you start playing DOOM? December, 1993.
Do you make maps? Not any more, but see above.
DOOM3? Don't have the graphics card for it yet. Will be playing it when the geforce 6600GT hits the streets, though.
Favorite monster? pinky.
Most hated monster? sergeant.
Music you like: Oh, way too much to list. i have a 30GB neuros of legally owned music. Radiohead, nirvana, ani difranco, the delgados, jeff buckley, mercury rev, skunk anansie, melissa etheridge, madonna, nine inch nails, I'd better stop now.
Movies you like: Best movie ever: After Life, directed by kore-eda hirokazu. Anything directed by hayao miyazaki (particularly spirited away) or shunji iwai (particularly swallowtail butterfly and all about lily chou-chou). Star wars, full metal jacket, finding nemo, amelie, in the mood for love, die hard. er, I'd better stop here too.
Girl/guy who lights your fire: my boyfriend.
Internet connection: Shaw broadband. 3mbits/sec, baby!

more info: er, I'm done.

Opulent's Opinion: Whew, where do you start with Adam? I don't think anyone has been as consistently active and perpetually fundamental to the DOOM community over its entire history as the legendary Mr. W. A top mapper since the early 'pre-megawad' era, he has maps in Memento Mori 2 and Requiem. A skilled deathmatch player, a project supporter,... his usefulness and value to the community has been immeasurable. A core member of many of the finest demosets and the PDANG, Adam isn't just one to watch, he's one to follow. His smooth near-flawless movement makes him perfectly suited for speed and pacifist runs. A top player since the DHT beginnings, many of his best demos are of the coveted 'Compet-N DOOM Iwad' variety... heck, many of his best demos ARE many of the best DOOM demos. It's great to still see him active with Compet-N contests and current pwad demosets.