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Player Profile: Cannonball

Name: Matt Powell
Location: Southampton (UK)
Age: 21
Employer: University of Southampton (Student)
Hobbies: tenpin bowling, snooker, darts, golf, playing old school games
eMail: cannonballmp - at - yahoo - dot - co - dot - uk
Computer specs: got two computers
  1. my desktop: AMD Athlon[tm] XP 2600+, 2.1GHz, 512MB of RAM
  2. Laptop: can't be bothered to look it up

DooM config: all keyboard, arrows for movement and change direction, a and d for strafing, space for actions, ctrl fire, and shift for running
Size of DooM diectory: pretty big
Favorite maps: for doom its 2002ADO, for Doom 2 I like scythe's maps and hell revealed
Favorite demos: stx-vile, xitvono's tyson and nightmare runs are epic :)
Favorite executibles: I either used the old fashioned doom V1.9, when on my desktop, or pr-boom plus for my laptop
Doom achievements: none..........yet ;)

Do you play DooM more than any other game? at the moment yep, might change if i ever buy myself a PS3
Have you ever played multiplayer DooM? nope
When did you start playing DooM? about 2005, yeh i was late on the scene, but played quake from 1998, so i am into fps games.
Do you make maps? Not at the moment
DooM3? I've never played it, even though i've got the game, it just doesn't work :(
Favorite monster: Arch-Vile
Most Hated monster: Pain elemental, just after lost souls - pretty obvious reason there :P
Music you like: I'm into mostly indie music and classic rock, though anything goes as long as it isn't Justin Bieber or Spice girls lol
Movies you like: Alien/s, Terminator 1 and 2, Shaun of the Dead, Toy story 1, 2 and 3. And many more, I like variety
Girl that lights your fire: Myleene Klass (yeah it's a bit of a strange one) also Nigella Lawson, though she is way too old for me
Type of internet conection Internet is internet isn't it (oh dear)

more info: I'm a chemistry student who likes the older games compare to new games such as COD. I also light do somes sports and hanging out with mates, back home and at uni. I go clubbing and enjoy a quiet night in once in a while. I probably said enough.