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Proudly hosting 54597 demos by 683 players on 3371 WADs for a total running time of 4404:28:56.

Player Profile: Cycloid

Name/Alias: Cycloid (Ric Hardacre)
You live in: Bridlington, Yorkshire, England
Born: October 1976
Job: Peddler Of Fine Ales (barman)
Hobbies/Sports: Drinking Fine Ales, likes to watch cars going round in circles (f1,cart,nascar,indy,etc.)
Homepage/email: 3d - at - cycloid - dot - f9 - dot - co - dot - uk
Computer specs: 1.4ghz athlon, 256mb, geforce2, shitty 8gig hd cos my big one died. 98lite (www.litepc.com) installed so the computer uses the non-ie 95b shell but with the 98se drivers/core. Doesnt crash. No IE or OE = NO VIRUSES EVER! So i use yamc and mailwasher 1.33 for email and firefox for browsing.

DOOM config (key bindings, controllers): EADS + mouse (same for all games) .. The reason I use EADS instead of the more traditional WASD is because I've played doom from the very beginning, when ,. were strafe left and right. Hence i still use the exact same fingers for them as I did back then.
Size of DOOM directory on your hard drive: About 500mb (another gig archived).
Favourite DOOM Maps: Not played enough to really have any aside from all of E1.
Favorite Executables to use: prboom 224 for recording, eternity rest of time.
Some of your DOOM achievements: Contributed a single level to the hell2pay, fragport and vile flesh DW demosets.
Other games: All id fps games + duke 3d though at moment only playing Sim City 3000 regularly.

Do you play DOOM more than any other game? Yes
Ever played multiplayer DOOM? Me and 2 of my brothers coop'ed doom,doom2,duke3d,quake and quake2. Never got around to unreal and it was only when half-life came out and didnt have a coop mode that i truly discovered deathmatch. In 99 and 2000 I was then in an HL:TFC clan and we rose to the premier european ctf league before disbanding because they all had t1 and we still mainly used 56k players. My main role was defense. Usually I was a demoman (grenade launcher extraordinairre, great for killing people around corners!)
About when did you start playing DOOM? Early 95 with the demo, which i imposed on my friends. Totally, utterly blew me away.
Do you make maps? Released a couple cyc-a "enter" and cyc-b "React" . Now working very slowly on a mega wad with some subtle monster changes, and a couple of different weapons, will be boom-port compatible. It should have all 30 maps in it but they all will be very small (sub 2 minute par times apart from the boss battles, probably).
DOOM3? With my specs!?
Favorite monster / most hated monster? revenant and revenant
Music you like: Aretha Franklin, Four Tops at one end of the spectrum, dirty distorted dance music and drum and bass (which I DJ in) at the other.
Movies you like: Ronin/Heat (shooting etc.)... Bringing Out the Dead (Scorsese) ... 60s black and white japanese films (samurai)... 70s horror films (funny!)... kung fu (Jackie Chan)
Girl who lights your fire: Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johanssen, japanese girls generally.
Internet connection: 56 fucking k

more info: Was a professional web designer type for about 5 years and gave it all up cos I was sick of it, hence the bar job. I'm having my kevin-spacey-in-american-beauty phase. Though since renouncing my geekdom (apart from the doom part, that is) I've actually been leaving the house and talking to girls and have had sex with more than one girl on more than one occasion in less than 3 months, which is nice. I also live with 3 cats.

Opulent's Opinion: Cycloid is an accomplished wad author as well as a good player. Obviously likes the action-filled, shoot-em up maps over the hunt-and-peck type. Check out his demos on Loh2 / Fragport / Bndaly8 / Stylin2.