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Proudly hosting 54597 demos by 683 players on 3371 WADs for a total running time of 4404:28:56.

Player Profile: Dislogical

Name: Stéphane Petit
You live in: France
Born: 10/04/1989
School/Studies: English studies
Hobbies: Drumming
eMail: steftres - at - hotmail - dot - fr

DOOM config (key bindings, controllers): Keyboard & Mouse; "zqsd" moveset, Use = shift and Fire = left click
Favorite Executables to use: ZDoom & PrBoom.
Some of your DOOM achievements: Created useless and stupid wads like "Chaoscoop", "Old-Skool Rocket Jumping" or "BFG10k"; but working on a great wad right now : Necromantic Thirst.
Other games: Blood, Duke Nukem 3D, Quake, Unreal Tournament, Left 4 Dead, etc...

Do you play DOOM more than any other game? I play DOOM more than any other game I have.
Ever played multiplayer DOOM? Yes. CTF is great.
About when did you start playing DOOM? Don't remind it... I think that was something like 1999 for the first time.
Do you make maps? Yes
DOOM3? Played it, kinda fun, but originals DOOM I & II are way better.
Favorite monster / most hated monster? I hate Lost Souls and Pain Elementals, but love Arch-Vile (lich-jump are usually very useful)
Music you like: Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Jazz, Classic, Trip-Hop, etc...
Movies you like: Any film with Louis De Funès or Jim Carrey, Evil Dead, Crank, How High, Beetlejuice, The Fifth Element, Snatch...
Current type of internet connection: 8 Mo

more info: I am a 20 years old english student. I play drums in a Death Metal band called Exorbited, I like to play DOOM because of its furious gameplay. We don't care, right.