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Proudly hosting 54597 demos by 683 players on 3371 WADs for a total running time of 4404:28:56.

Player Profile: William Huber

Name: William Huber ([WH]-Wilou84)
Location: Paris, France
Born: 25th of April, 1984
Occupation: Student in computer sciences and project management
eMail: wilou84 - at - yahoo - dot - fr

Doom config (key bindings, controllers): Keyboard and mouse, ZQSD, spacebar for use and left click for fire
Size of Doom directory on your hard drive: Too much
Favourite Doom Wads: Hell Revealed II, Deus Vult, Speed of Doom, Alien Vendetta, Requiem, Hell Revealed, Claustrophobia 1024 2, and of course the Ultimate Doom and other Iwads
Favorite Executables to use: PrBoom, ZDoom
Other games: Quake, Castlevania games

Do you play Doom more than any other game? Yeah. I'm addicted to Doom ever since I was a kid.
Ever played multiplayer Doom? I play mostly duels and CTF on ZDaemon, it's great.
About when did you start playing Doom? Played the shareware version in 1996, along with Duke3D, Rise of the Triad, Hexen and Heretic sharewares. Doom was the best among all those. Then got Doom on the SNES, and bought Final Doom and Doom Collector's Edition few years later.
Do you make maps? Yeah. It's damn time-consuming, even more than demos.
Some mappers who inspired me: Vincent Catalaa, John Romero, Huy Pham, Death-Destiny, Yonatan Donner, Anders Johnsen, Espi, Mechadon, Eternal, Erik Alm, Chrozoron, Matthias Worch, Iikka Keranen, Yashar Garibzadeh, Gusta, Andy Olivera, Haggay Niv, Kim Andre Malde, Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer, TimeOfDeath, Martin Friberg, Esselfortium, Sam Woodman, Phobus, Vader, and Eriance ( mostly for his sprites though ). Also a few Quake mappers like Vondur, Kell, czg, Hellscrag, Tim Elek and Necros.
Doom3? Played it till the end, it's cool but I prefer the classic games. Same goes for Quake 4.
Favorite monster / most hated monster? I like all the monsters, but I dislike mappers who don't know how to use them properly. Custom monsters are ok provided they're not lame and fit in correctly.
Music you like: Symphonic metal, movie and game soundtracks, music from the 80s, various styles
Movies you like: The Matrix trilogy, among others
Current type of internet connection: ADSL

More info: Co-administrator of the French Doom Community, hosted at http://doomfrance.forumactif.com/portal.htm