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Proudly hosting 54597 demos by 683 players on 3371 WADs for a total running time of 4404:28:56.

Player Profile: Robby DeCandia

Name/Alias: Robby DeCandia / r_rr
You live in: California, USA
Born/Age: September 12, 1988
Employer/School/Studies/Job: School, Computer Science
Hobbies/Sports: Computers, Dirt Biking, Paintball, and of course DooM
eMail: Rnitrofish - at - aol - dot - com

DOOM config (key bindings, controllers): Keypad for forward, back and strafe. Mouse turning.
Size of DOOM directory on your hard drive: 3.11 GB Holy S%^t!!!
Favourite DOOM Maps: Crusades, by Richard Wiles
Favorite DOOM demos: Too Many to List
Favorite Executables to use: ZDoom, GZDoom
Some of your DOOM achievements: I have 3 maps on idgames database, and plan to make more. I'm just getting into demos.
Other games: Half Life 2

Do you play DOOM more than any other game? If not, what game takes up more of your obviously misguided time? Absolutely. I hacked my ipod to run doom so I can play when I'm away from home. lol
Ever played multiplayer DOOM? If so, what? Yes, I've been playing ZDaemon for some years now. Also a bit of skulltag.
About when did you start playing DOOM? 1994, 2004, etc...? About 1995 I think.
Do you make maps? Yes, on idgames database
DOOM3? meh
Favorite monster / most hated monster? Arch-Vile has to be my favorite and most hated.
Girl/guy who lights your fire: DooM
Current type of internet connection: Cable 5mb/s